About Us

Hello, Friends!!! Are you a Tattoo Lover? And, you are passionate about knowing every tiny detail about tattooing technique? If yes, then you came to the right door.

Well, we are a small team of four and we are also equally impassioned and fanatic on tattooing practice, as you do. As, we said we love tattooing, we did many researches regarding this practice thereby covering every nook and corner.

Now, after completing our long exploration on this tactics, we thought to share our knowledge with you all. We will feel esteem pleasure, if our blogs help you in exploring your passion in details or if our image collection help in choosing the best tattoo design.

We are like an open book for you, you can get answer for all your questions that you might have regarding this technique.

Well friend we hope, our efforts will help you in getting more insights for your passion and leave you with some quality information’s.

Why us?

So friends, if you are thinking that how we are different from others, then let us tell you that, we are not only sharing our knowledge for this technique but we are also focusing on its ‘pros and cons’ and other essential aspects.

We all know that till now our society does not accepted this tactics with open heart. But we expect that, our vision and thought with this study can work as a positive step that will be helpful for changing our society’s mentality.

And lastly, we are glad to inform you that, if you have any other informative knowledge that you want to be present in our site, then you are most welcome. Mail your blog anytime at wowtattooidea@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time for knowing us.

So what are you thinking? Start Exploring!!!