59 Powerful Lion Tattoos for Both Men and Women


Lion tattoos basically symbolize strength and power. As we all know, Lion is the king of jungle, the ruler of wild. Lion symbolizes strength, power, honor and nobility. Lion is a beautiful and also very dangerous creature of this beautiful world. Lion tattoos are designed to showcase both furious nature as well as peaceful and calm nature.

It also symbolizes authority and masculinity. People are mainly fond of lion tattoos, not just because of its cool look but, it also symbolizes rich meaning. According to Biblical intellect, a lion is consider to be a creature that guards the weak and watches over individuals with minor strength.


#59 Stunning Lion Tattoos On Shoulder

Lion Tattoos
Lady and lion tattoo on sleeve

#58 Geometric Half Faced Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
One side face lion tattoo

#57 Majestic Lion Tattoo For Men On Back

Lion Tattoos
Big Beard lion tattoo on back

#56 Roaring Lion Tattoo On Sleeve

Lion Tattoos
King of forest

#55 Different Style Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Stylish lion tattoo for men

#54 Sharp Eye Lion Tattoo For Men

Lion Tattoos
Stunning lion tattoo

#53 Black Look Lion Tattoo On Sleeve

Lion Tattoos
Black lion tattoo for men

#52 Sharp Teeth Lion Tattoo On Shoulder

Lion Tattoos
Sharp Teeth lion tattoo

#51 Fantastic Lion Tattoo Design On Front Body

Lion Tattoos
Brilliant lion tattoo on men’s body

#50 Japanese Style Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Ribs lion tattoo

#49 Lion Tattoo For Women On Her Back

Lion Tattoos
Back tattoos with lion design

#48 Majestic Look Lion Design On Right Shoulder

Lion Tattoos
Creative lion tattoo for men

#47 Watercolor Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos
Colorful lion tattoo

#46 Stylish Watercolor Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Multicolor lion tattoo design

#45 Lion with Flower Design Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Beautiful lion tattoo

#44 King Of Forest

Lion Tattoos
King Maker

#43 Watercolor Beard Lion

Lion Tattoos
Watercolor lion tattoo

#42 Screaming Lion Tattoo On Men’s Chest

Lion Tattoos
Browny lion tattoo for men

#41 Tribal Forest King Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos
Tribal look lion tattoo

#40 Two Sided Creative Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Two sided lion tattoo

#39 Lion and Clock Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Timer and lion tattoo design

#38 Creative Colorful Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Watercolor + normal ink lion tattoo

#37 Sexy Lion Tattoo On Thighs

Lion Tattoos
Sexy lion tattoo on thighs

#36 Innovative Lion Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoos
Geometric lion tattoo

#35 Lion Tattoo for Boys

Lion Tattoos
Lion made out of leaves

#34 Lion With Cute Hair Cut

Lion Tattoos
Lion with hair Cut

#33 Sexy Lion Tattoo For Girls

Lion Tattoos
Hot and Sexy lion tattoo

#32 Roaring Lion Tattoo On Sleeve

Lion Tattoos
Furious lion tattoo

#31 Cute Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Simple lion tattoo for women

#30 Roaring Lion Tattoo On Men’s Chest

Lion Tattoos
Awesome look lion tattoo for men on chest

#29 Flowers + Sun +Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Flower and lion design tattoo ideas

#28 Beautiful Lion Tattoo On Ribs

Lion Tattoos
Black and White Lion Tattoo

#27 Couple Lion Tattoo On Feet

Lion Tattoos
Lion Couple tattoos

#26 Lion Tribal Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoos
Geometric Look lion tattoo

#25 Beautiful Lion Tattoo On Finger

Lion Tattoos
Finger tattoo with lion design

#24 Stunning Lion Tattoo On Chest

Lion Tattoos
Lion face tribal tattoos on chest

#23 Locked Lion Tattoo On Hand

Lion Tattoos
Old Lion Prisoned

#22 Watercolor Ink Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoos
Wow Look lion tattoo

#21 Small Lion Tattoo On Finger

Lion Tattoos
Finger tattoos with lion face

#20 Designed Hair Lion Tattoos

Lion Tattoos
Beautiful lion face thigh tattoos

#19 Gray Touch Lion Tattoo On Hands

Lion Tattoos
Lion tattoo for men

#18 Geometric Lion Tattoo Design

Lion Tattoos
Modern lion tattoo

#17 Realistic Look Lion Tattoos For Women

Lion Tattoos
African King lion tattoo

#16 Black and White Lion On Shoulder

Lion Tattoos
Warrior lion tattoo on shoulder

#15 Attractive Lion Tattoo on Forearm

Artistic and creative lion tattoo design will look awesome in one’s hand and can easily grab everyone’s attention.

Lion Tattoos
Small lion tattoo

#14 Lion and Star Tattoo

Innovative and artistic lion tattoo design on this girl’s shoulder is looking extraordinary. You too can go with this design if you love lion tattoo.

Lion Tattoos
Lion and star tattoos for women

#13 Sexy Lion Tattoo With Flower On Head

Look at this decorated lion tattoo on this girl’s thigh which is looking mind blowing as well as beautiful.

Lion Tattoos
Thigh design lion tattoo

#12 Scary Angry Lion Tattoo

Look at this dragon style lion tattoo design on one’s hand. This tattooing idea is not only innovative but also very attractive.

Lion Tattoos
Fury lion tattoo

#11 Attractive Animal Tattoos On Wide Back

Awesome lion tattoo design on one’s back is looking mind blowing. This tattoo signifies your love towards lions and courage towards life.

Lion Tattoos
Huge lion face back tattoos for men

#10 Tribal Lion Tattoos

Look at this tribal lion tattoo design. This tattoo is looking eye striking on this man’s chest.

Lion Tattoos
Chest and shoulder filled lion tattoo

#09 Lion and its Cub Tattoo

Wonderful lion with its cub tattoo designing idea will look awesome on anyone’s arm thereby grabbing others attention.

Lion Tattoos
Lion and cub tattoos

#08 Artistic Lion Tattoo Design

Artistic lion tattoo design on thigh of this girl is looking very attractive and eye striking. You can also go with this cool looking tattoo design

Lion Tattoos
Arch lion tattoo

#07 Lion Tattoo For Women On Hands

Look at this wonderful lion tattoo design in this girl’s arm. This type of tattoo design will help you in grabbing others attention.

Lion Tattoos for women
Sleeve lion tattoo for women

#06 Simple Lion Tattoo On Finger

Look at this extraordinary lion tattoo design on finger. This type of tattoo design will give you a very cool look and can replace the need of ring.

Lion Tattoos
Finger lion tattoo for men

#05 Roaring Lion Tattoo

Amazing roaring line tattoo design on your arm can easily grab other’s attention and make you feel like standing out of the crowd

Lion Tattoos
Pencil mode lion tattoo

#04 Outstanding Lion Tattoo Design

Outstanding lion tattoo design on your hand can give you an amazing positive feeling to fight with all types of problems in life and live like a king.

Lion Tattoos
Forearm tattoos with lion face

#03 Aggressive Lion Tattoo On Chest

Look at this aggressive lion tattoo design in this man’s chest. This type of tattoo design is mostly inked by men.

Lion Tattoos
Lion face chest tattoos for men

#02 Remarkable Lion Tattoo On Back

Look at this remarkable lion tattoo design in one’s back. You can also go with this type of amazing design to grab others attention.

Lion Tattoos
Green eyes lion tattoo

#01 Amzing Lion Tattoos On Sleeve

Go for amazing lion tattoo design and feel like a king. This tattooing technique is mostly loved and admired by all.

Lion Tattoos for Men
Cloudy look lion tattoo for men

Design Lion tattoos to represent your powerful persona and noble character. If you are fond of cartoons too then go for Simba tattoo. And if you follow Buddhism then lion tattoo will symbolize wisdom and knowledge.