tattoo healing
Tattoo healing process

Now a day’s tattoos are very popular. Everybody wants to make tattoo on their body, but afraid because of the pain and by thinking how much time it will take to heal. Tattoo healing fast and easily will encourage many people to ink it on their body. Tattoo will be healed easily and fast if we will take a good care and proper precautions. The best tattoo even can be ruined with a lack of care and precautions. After making tattoo, you should ask about the necessary precautions you should take for proper healing of tattoo. The guidelines may vary from artist to artist, but there are some common steps or ways from which your tattoo can be healed easily and fast.

Some of the common steps are:

How to treat an infected tattoo

  1. First, you should listen to your tattoo artist. Every tattoo artist has some slightly different ways and opinions for the best care of a tattoo. All tattoo artists want that your tattoo should be healed properly and correctly as you want, so they will not give you any bad advice. Follow the instructions of your tattoo artist properly.
  1. After the tattoo artist will finish tattooing on your body, they will clean that area, apply required ointment and then cover the tattooed area with some bandage or dressing. So, it is recommended not to remove that cover for at least 2-6 hours. The cover or bandage will protect your tattoo from germs and bacteria which can go through your wrecked skin. Absorbent, thick or non-sticky dressings are mostly used bandage type by tattoo artist. Proponents of plastic are also the best way to cover the tattoo for protecting the skin.
  1. After some hours, remove the bandage carefully. If you cover your tattoo with a plastic wrap so you can remove your bandage soon. But in reality, the time will vary according to the placement and size of the tattoo. For removing the bandage you should soak it in warm water, so that it will not stick on your skin. Once the bandage will get wet, it will come off easily.
  1. Removed the bandage, now gently wash the tattoo and its nearby area. For washing the tattoo it is recommended to use mild or lukewarm water, unscented liquid antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. Always use your hands to rub the tattoo. Remove all the blood traces or leaked ink. You should not use washcloth or any sponge to clean your tattoo. Do not splash water directly on your tattoo. The fast stream of water may be too harsh for your tattoo. If your tattoo covers a large area, it will be easier to wash it under the shower.
  1. Now, let the tattoo dry with a soft, light towel. You can also use paper towel to make it dry. The tattoo should be dried fully. Don’t rub your tattoo as it may cause inflammation or irritation. Once the tattoo will get dry fully, you should leave it uncovered for at least 20 minutes or an hour.
  1. Then, apply a water based anti-bacterial ointment or cream which will be non-scented. When you feel your skin becomes little tight you can apply the ointment like A&D or Bacitracin on the tattoo. You should apply the ointment continuously for 3 to 5 days each time you will wash your tattoo. Do not use any gasoline based products.

Tattoo healing process will become fast and easier if you correctly follow these above given steps. Along with this process, healing will become more easier if you avoid some unwanted things and steps.

Here are some steps to avoid during tattoo healing process:

  1. Should not scratch or pluck your tattoo.

Easier tattoo healing process
Do not pluck

First and foremost, you should not scratch or pluck your tattoo. It will make the tattoo to become scab once it gets healed. Your hands and nails should be clean, or else it may infect the tattoo and slows down the healing process. You should not allow anyone to touch your tattoo during tattoo healing process and you should always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

2. should avoid soaking the tattoo

Easier tattoo healing process
No swimming or soaking in water

You should avoid soaking the tattoo. You should avoid swimming until your tattoo is fully healed. Water may draw the ink from your tattoo and it may contain some bacteria, dirt, germs or some other chemicals which will make your tattoo infected.

3. Direct sunlight should be avoided

Easier tattoo healing process
Avoid direct sunlight

Exposure of your tattoo to the direct sunlight should be avoided, as the ruthless rays of sun may cause or skin to erupt and bleach colours from your tattoo. It is recommended to cover your skin at least for 3-4 weeks.

4.Avoid wearing tight-fitting

Easier tattoo healing process
Dont touch or wear tight dress

Avoid wearing tight-fitting or restrictive clothing on the tattooed area. Because, during the healing process, the plasma and excess ink will be absorbed which may cause the cloth to stick on it? If your cloth stuck on your tattoo, do not pull. Wet that area with water, which will make cloth to get remove easily.

5.Work out should be avoided.

Easier tattoo healing process
Avoid workout for fast tattoo healing

If the tattoo is inked near joints or on large area, it will take more time to heal if you will do work out. During work out, the movement may cause the skin to break and become irritated, which will prolong the healing process.

Tattoo healing process will become easier by following and avoiding the various steps we have mentioned in this blog. So, don’t be afraid. If you want to get inked with some amazing tattoo design, go for it, but remember to follow all the instructions and guidelines which are required.

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