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Tattoo instruments and tools

Tattoo tools are the most important part of tattooing. No artist can make tattoo without tools. All modern tattoo artist uses some instruments for making tattoo. A tattoo artist uses many tools for tattooing. An artist will always wear a latex gloves while making a permanent tattoo. Before starting the tattooing process on anyone, the tattoo artist will keep all the tattoo instruments ready with them. In this blog, you will find the tattoo instruments used in the modern world and also in the ancient times.

Modern Tattoo Instruments

Modern tattoo instruments
Modern tattoo instruments

Here are some of the tattoo instruments used now a day’s for making tattoos:


A flash is simply a design, a sketch or a piece of art which is used to create tattoos. Flash can be displayed in colour or black and white in the tattoo studio.


A stencil is one of the tattoo tools which is a replica of the flash made on special copying machine. It allows the inked outlined design to be moved into the skin which will be useful for the artist to trace.


Ink are the most important tools for tattooing as without ink tattoo can’t be made on body. Whether you are making coloured or black tattoo, ink is required for both.

Tattoo Machine

For making tattoos, tattoo machine plays an important role. A tattoo machine consists of a needle gun which is connected to a power element that makes the needle to move. The whole unit is attached with a power supply which gets activated by pressing a foot pedal on the floor. When the foot pedal is pressed, the needle starts moving up and down quickly which makes the skin to penetrate.


Another tattoo tools is needles. There are different sizes and shapes of a needle. Artist will make use of the needle which best suits for a particular design.

Needle tubes

This is a small tubes which will fit on the tattoo machines to help guide the needles.

Spray Bottles

In some tattoo designs artist used to spray colours on the tattoo. There will be different colours spray bottles.

Glass Jar

Inks which is used for making tattoos will get dry soon if it comes in contact with air. Glass jar will contain or carries the sterile ink caps which will keep the ink safe.

Disposable Razors

This tool is used to remove hairs from the area where you want to make tattoo for making that area smooth. This disposable razors are equipped with a protective cover and has a single edge. It is non-sterile and made with stainless steel.

Tongue Depressors

This tool is used for spreading and applying the wax before removing the hair in tattoo studio.

Soldering Gun & Stainless Solder

This tattoo tools is used for fusing the needles together and joining the needles to the bar.

Petroleum Jelly

It is used to grease the skin and keep the tattooed area moist while making the tattoo.

Ink cups

This is a small plastic containers which holds the ink needed for tattooing.

Washout cup

It is a small plastic or paper cup with clear water in it which is used for cleaning the extra ink from the needle regularly during tattooing process.

These are the various common modern tattoo tools which are used during tattooing by tattoo artists. Based on the quality of the tattoo tools the artist will make a superb tattoo on your body and costs accordingly.

Ancient Tattoo Instruments

Ancient tattoo instruments
Ancient tattoo instruments

Here are some of the tattoo instruments used in ancient times:

Ancient Egyptian Needles

These are tiny bronze needles used to dig the ink on the skin.

Ancient Thai Needle Kit

These traditional Thai needles were made from quill like bamboo needle.

Maori Chisel

Maori are the used bone chisels from New Zealand which is used to carve the designs straight on to the flesh. After the flesh gets cut, chisel were dipped into the ink and put in the cut area.

Polynesian Rake Needle

A rake like needle is used to hold the ink and a hammer which will puncture the skin.

Japanese Tebori Needles

Tebori are done by hands in which the artist will create a rhythm with hand motions like an electric machine.

Edison’s Electric Pen

Thomas Edison has created an electric stencil pen in 1876 which is later used in tattoo machines.

Tattoos are famous since from ancient times. People in ancient times also love to make tattoos. In ancient times also people were using some tools for doing tattooing. Ancient tattoo tools and modern tools have different shape and size but all offers same feature. While the method and tattoo tools has changed dramatically, the initiative still remains the same. Hope, you get all the information regarding tattoo instruments from this blog.