Price of Tattooing


A tattoo is a body modification form which is made by inserting the ink (either temporary or indelible) into the layer of the skin to change the pigment. You might have admired tattoos that your friend has made. Now you may also want to get tattoo on yourself. But there will be many questions on your mind like what design to make, from where to get, whether it will hurt and the most common is the tattoo price.

Tattoo price is the most important and common thing which people will definitely think before get inked with tattoo on their body. Getting inked with a permanent tattoo is a serious and sombre commitment. Once a permanent tattoo gets inked on your body, it will never go and stays on your body throughout your life. After making a tattoo, paying for it and then regretting is waste. So, first plan which design you want to make and get all the details regarding tattoo price, then go for making it on your body.

How a Tattoo Is Priced

Pricing a tattoo or tattoo price generally has two methods:

  • Flat Fee: Flat fee is the most preferred method for pricing a tattoo. This method is mostly used for small and standard designs like lettering, roses and hearts. Also, it is used when the customer already decided which design he or she want t make and then the artist can tell the approximate time it will take.
  • Hourly Fee: Hourly fee is the custom artwork which will be charged as hourly rate. This will be very useful when the design piece is large or big, takes more time to complete and also with the artists quality, time and experience.

Tattoo price is one of the most common questions asked during tattooing. Price of the tattoo can range from low to very high. Some artist may take high cost compared to others for the same design. So, it is important for you to know what are the factors which affect the tattoo price before getting inked with a tattoo.

Factors for Determining Tattoo Price

Some of the basic factors which will determine the tattoo price are:

  1. Skill & Experience

The first and most important factor for tattoo price is skill and experience of the tattoo artist. If your tattoo artist possess both the quality i.e., skill and experience, they will cost more for your tattoo.

  1. Studio or Artist Popularity

If your tattoo artist is very popular or the studio where you are going for making the tattoo is popular, then the cost will be more. If the studio or artist appointments are limited, then the cost will go too high.

  1. Tattoo Size & Complexity

Price of the tattoo also depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo. The larger or bigger the tattoo is, the time to make that tattoo also will be long. If you are making tattoos on such area where it is little challenging to make, the price will be more.

  1. Studio or Artist Location

Location will affect the overheads that are integrated into the price of tattoo. If your artist or the studio is located in the capital city, then generally the cost will be higher.

  1. Tattooing Tools

The tools for making tattoo are very expensive. So, the artist will include the charge according to the tools they are using for making the tattoo.

  1. Custom Design

If you want to make a custom design, then it will cost more price as compared to the pre-defined tattoo design.

  1. Colour v/s Black Tattoos

Black tattoos are less expensive as compared to the coloured tattoos. Because black inks are easily available and also has a very high demand in market. Also, if you are making tattoo with black ink it will take less time to finish the design than any other colour.

  1. Shop Overheads

You will never think that this factor can also affect the price of the tattoo. But, yes, overheads or expenses that the shop owner is experiencing will also made them to charge high.

Also there are some other small factors which can also make a little variation in the tattoo price. Like, how many needles your tattoo artist is using to make your tattoo, weekends, peak hours, morning hours, and efforts need to make a complex design.

Approximate Price List on Different Places

Tattoo price can’t be ignored if you really want to make the best tattoo design on your body. Price of the tattoo may vary from place to place. Here is the list of the price of tattooing of some very popular places where tattoo is extremely famous.

Place Cost
America $80 – $100/hour
United State $100 – $250/hour
United Kingdom £40 – £100/hour
Australia $100 – $220/hour
Canada $150 – $250/hour
Russia $106 – $212
Japan $100 – $350
China $200 – $350
Britain £50 to £250/hour
India 1000 – 2500 Rs/square inch


Always keep in mind that the price of tattoo fluctuates depending on the situation and all the above factors. So, analyse all the factors which matters for making tattoo on your body. Now, after reading this blog you might get the idea of pricing of tattoo. Make tattoos and enjoy.