Tattoo Removal Technique
Tattoo removal

The ultimate fact regarding tattoo is that, once you inked your body, then it will stay there permanently. And if any point of time, if you feel your tattoo is a burden on you and you seriously feel regret for that, then worry not, now a day’s many Tattoo Removal Techniques are available that will help you to get rid of your tattoo.

So, let’s come to the point, how we will go for tattoo removal? As we said earlier, there are many Tattoo Removing Techniques, let’s one by one, throw some light on them:

There are basically two basic remedies regarding this:

  • Professional Tattoo Removal Technique
  • Alternative/Home Remedies

 Professional Tattoo Removal Technique:

The tattoo removal techniques are carried out technically by the tattoo removing experts, dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons.

1.Laser Removal:

Professional Tattoo Removal Technique
Tattoo Removal Using laser

Laser Removal is the latest technique that does not involvers any operation or cutting into your skin. This technique is considered as the most effective, efficient and safe tattoo removal method. This process is done with highly concentrated pulses of light. This light will break the tattoo ink into tiny fragments and then it will clear away with body’s immune system. But, this technique involves many sessions, which will depend on the shape, size and type of the tattoo.

2.Intense Pulsed Light Therapy:

Tattoo Removal Technique
IPL Tattoo removal technique

This is another tattoo removal technique that is somewhat similar to leaser technique. This dermal enhancer technique is mostly used in spas. In this process instead of using laser, a highly intense light is used. In this process first gel is applied on the skin, and then a wand which emits light pulses is used to emit the light onto the skin. This method is considered to be less painful and more effective as compared to laser removal. But, this technique is not preferred by most of the tattoo removing experts and also, this technique is very costly and its cost increases depending upon the no of sessions required.


Tattoo Removal Technique
Dermabrasion tattoo removal procedure

Dermabrasion technique is done with spraying numbing solution over your skin. Then it is sanded down to divulge the unblemished layer of skin that is present under the tattoo. This technique leaches out the tattoo ink out of your skin. During this process local anesthetic is given to diminish the pain or irritation. If you are very prone to hypo-pigmentation or scarring, then it is preferred not to go with this technique.


Tattoo Removal Technique
Tattoo removal surgery

Surgery technique is mostly preferred for one, with small sized tattoo. Because in this process doctor will remove the scalpel and cinching the edges of your skin together this will form a small scar. The smaller your tattoo is the more effectively the technique will work. This technique also works for larges tattoos but, it will carry many treatments and probably a skin graft to remove.

5.Cryosurgery and Chemical Peels:

Cryosurgery technique uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and burn off the tattoo. While in Chemical Peels technique, chemical peels are applied to the skin which causes blister followed by peel off. But, these techniques are not considered to be that effective, as this is very painful and also, there remains a chance that the tattoo may not be removed completely.

Alternative/Home Remedies:

These tattoo removal techniques you can do by yourself at home.

Using Salt or Salabrasion:

Tattoo Removal Technique
Salabrasion Tattoo removal process

Salabration is the process of rubbing salt solution onto the tattoo. This will heart that area thereby scraping the upper layer of the skin away along with the tattoo. Salabrasion is one of the ancient tattoo removing techniques that was started in the Middle East. This rubbing with salt process results in damaging the uppermost layer of your epidermis or skin followed by visible scarring effect. This method is detrimental to sensitive skin sometimes it is not believed as the verified remedy for successful removal of tattoo.

2.Cream Application:

Tattoo Removal Technique
Apply Tattoo Removal Cream

Now a day’s many creams are available in market. These creams are considered as the cheapest and least painful remedy for removing tattoo. But, its efficiency is dependent on regular application and diligent usage.Tattoo-OFF and TatBGone is a couple of creams that are recommended by Tattoos Removal Institution.But these creams are a bit expensive and require around 3 to 9 months to fade the tattoo. If you are planning to try this technique then you must use it with at most caution. Also, this technique is not that effective as compared professional removal techniques.


Tattoo Removal Technique
TCA Technique

TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) comes under at-home removal kits. This acid is used as a chemical skin-peeling agent. But, these are very risky to use as it can lead to serious burn or injuries on skin. Other that this other skin bleaching agents like alpha arbutin or hydroquinone are cheaper alternatives, but these could also cause serious medical issues.


Hence, now I think you all got an idea on different techniques and their effects. This blog will help you to decide the best technique while undergoing for a tattoo removal. Select the best tattoo removal method that will suit you the best according to the shape, size and type of your tattoo.

The effectiveness of any tattoo removing technique mainly depends on the efficiency of the professional, skin type, skin color, tattoo type, tattoo artist, etc. So, before going for the removal process you must go with a detail study on these types.

Also, go for a detailed research on your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Check whether they are licensed professionals or not. Check for their good reference and referrals.

Tattooing is firstly a lifetime process and removing that is a very difficult task. It will not only affect your skin but also make your wallet weightless. So, think twice, research more and then invest, after all its all about your body.

Hope this article helped you a lot, so, happy tattoo removing!!!